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WordPress is an Open Source system used by millions of people around the world to create beautiful websites and blogs. There are two types of WordPress – free and hosted.

We use the hosted WordPress version, with a customised theme.  Your website will be individual to you and your business or service.

WordPress began as a blogging platform.  The ability to build great looking websites with the functionality & backend of a blog and the added benefit of superior SEO (search engine optimisation) has seen the success and popularity of WordPress thrive.  This popularity has also grown as website owners are able to update their content easily using the inbuilt CMS (customer management system) from anywhere there is access to a computer. Expensive updates are a thing of the past.

Google and SEO



All of our website packages come with search engine optimisation (SEO) submission. This means that you site will be indexed by Google shortly after going live.

Getting higher rankings in the major search engines such as Google is the challenge.  Being found easily in the search engines is one of the most important elements of website development. Websites built on the WordPress platform are known to attract higher SEO rankings. We can also give you some tips & tools to keep improving your SEO.



With an never ending supply of mobile devices – phones, ipads, tablets – and new units coming out regularly, it’s important that your site works well and is clearly visible on all devices. We use premium WordPress themes and only use themes that will adapt to any mobile device.

The great thing is that when you update your WordPress website, your mobile versions are automatically updated as well. Read more about Australians and the increase in mobile devices.